The Untold Story Teaser is a short, story-based, playable teaser, designed to give players a sneak peak at this still in-development RPG.

Controls: W - Up | S - Down | A - Left | D - Right | Left Click - Confirm/Talk

PLEASE NOTE: The Untold Story Teaser should work in all browsers, however it works the least effectively in FireFox. Chrome is recommended for the best results.

(The Untold Story Teaser does feature some flashing lights!)

Untold Story is a 2D RPG which mixes modern gameplay and story-telling with the graphical style of the NES games that not only defined a genre but also a generation. The game follows Adrasteia, a young knight who has been cast away by the country she has long served and forced into an environment which is far removed from the one she grew up.

Featuring an exciting cast of unforgettable characters, Untold Story is a game about acceptance, love and the meaning of home.


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